Experience LAUDA's new digital products now. Our innovative IIOT temperature control and monitoring solutions lead the evolution of precise temperature control into the digital age. Welcome to LAUDA.LIVE.

LAUDA.LIVE is the beginning of a series of new digital products from LAUDA. All LAUDA temperature control and laboratory solutions become fully connected and intelligent IIoT devices. LAUDA.LIVE offers comprehensive asset management functionality, even for devices without IIoT connectivity, smart analytics and monitoring tools, as well as sophisticated control and remote troubleshooting capabilities that maximize the uptime, reliability and performance of all LAUDA devices.


Creating transparency on your fleet of temperature control systems and their individual condition and maintenance state, as well as enabling highly qualified remote diagnosis by 24/5 LAUDA service support will maximize machine utilization at the highest possible degree of performance.

LAUDA.LIVE Fleet Management allows you to professionally manage your asset base. Keeping track on maintenance requirements, warranty state, location and status of the device creates a completely new level of transparency and eases lifetime management of any asset.

A direct line to the LAUDA service support hotline and serial number specific support documentation will fasten any troubleshooting case.

Powerful monitoring and analytic features create an entirely new user experience, creating most benefit out of your temperature control solutions. Maximizing performance, optimizing your application and globally access to your asset data helps you to monitor your production process, from home or travelling.

LAUDA dedicated service personnel are available to assist you remotely if machine breaks down and quickly diagnose the measures to get your system running again.




If one or hundreds of assets manage your fleet of devices in the most efficient way. Customize name, set location, monitor status and keep track on your asset condition on a geomap.




Get access to serial number specific product documentation by the click of a button. Download article number specific datasheets, manuals, drivers, installation drawings, and more.




Keep track on your maintenance schedule for every device and document additional information to help you with future maintenance runs. Automated notifications help you to remind on upcoming tasks.




Ever get lost on the warranty state of one of your devices? Our warranty management allows you to always have a clear picture on the warranty of your assets and help you to follow up on any warranty extension needs you may have.




Our ticketing portal helps you to create tickets for any device of yours directly in the system. Monitor the status of progress of the ticket and look up historic tickets for faster troubleshooting and documentation.




Our asset management solution also help you to manage any digital product solutions you want to add to your valuable assets, such as remote support, Analytics or predictive maintenance.



LAUDA.LIVE offers clear asset management for every LAUDA device, with and without IIoT connection. This function is completely free of charge for every LAUDA device.

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Asset management: Customize your fleet of devices and monitor their condition

Maintenance logbook: Keep track on your maintenance schedule for every device and log important information.

Warranty management: Create transparency on the warranty state of your devices

Ticketing: Create, monitor and look up historic support tickets



24/5 Remote Support: Our service hotline in five service centers helps you 24 hours a day

Communication: Support by German, English and Chinese native speakers

Cost minimization: Reduce cost of service calls by analyzing modes of failures before on site staff is required

Updates: Remote firmware and functionality updates save cost and increase system performance

30 €/month
(Free of charge 1st - 6th month of warranty)
OPTIONAL: +25.50 €/month for mobile
network communication

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Global monitoring: Remote monitoring and control of all operating devices from home, on travels, … anywhere

Data storage: Secure data logging allows graphical analysis of devices data and export for external documentation, analytics and audit trails.

Alarming: Flexibly set notifications to be alerted on alarms or on limit values via SMS, email or within the Cloud

Analytics: KPI‘s (Key performance indicators) help to visually benchmark the devices vs ideal applications and vs each other.


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Compatible with all common operating systems


LAUDA.LIVE is designed for convenient use whenever and wherever you need it. With your desktop/notebook PC in your office, with a tablet in the shopfloor or with your mobile phone when at home or traveling always easily look up your asset information and live machine data. LAUDA.LIVE is compatible with all major webbrowser systems.



LAUDA.LIVE is protected by state of the art PKI encryption, two factor authentication (2FA) and access rights management

  • End-to-end encryption / authentication through TLS-based LAUDA Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with device-specific X.509 certificates, uniquely identifies the device communicating with LAUDA.LIVE and prevents third-party interference
  • State-of-the-art security mechanisms and authentication concept according to Microsoft Azure IOT recommendations
  • Encrypted TLS communication (LAN), optionally enriched by extremely secure 4G mobile communication further protects transmitted data
  • The product firmware ensures that remote access to operating and service parameters can be blocked by several configurable product functions
  • Two-factor authentication prevents unauthorized write access to the device configuration
  • Sophisticated role and permission management enables flexible rights management to create new users (e.g. internal operators or service technicians) and restrict unwanted read/write access to your devices
  • Storage of data on European servers in accordance with European GDPR standards



  • Clear, well-structured (and customizable) dashboards provide an overview of all Constant temperature equipment and show their operating status
  • Customization of device names and location makes it easier to monitor your fleet of Constant temperature equipment, especially if they are distributed across numerous locations worldwide
  • A world map helps visualize and locate individual units
  • An advanced search bar and filter options help quickly select devices and manage a large fleet
  • The export function enables external storage and evaluation of asset information

  • Access device-specific product documentation with just one mouse click
  • Download part number specific data sheets, manuals, drivers, installation drawings and much more
  • Filter and search functions help you quickly find all the information you need
  • Multilingual documentation provides relevant information for all users

  • Document the maintenance schedule for each device
  • Receive notifications of upcoming service and maintenance tasks
  • Document the installation of equipment and consumables and receive notifications of recommended replacements to keep your process and equipment in optimal operating condition
  • Flexibly document any additional information that will assist you in future maintenance activities

  • Create transparency about the warranty and guarantee status of your systems
  • Receive notifications when the warranty or guarantee expires
  • Optional: Warranty extension can be requested live via LAUDA.LIVE

  • Create tickets for each of your devices directly in the ticketing system
  • Monitor the status and progress of the ticket
  • Use historical tickets for faster troubleshooting and documentation

  • Manage your digital product contracts for LAUDA devices.
  • Start and stop subscriptions for additional services such as remote maintenance and analytics
  • Access device data analytics directly from your fleet management dashboard

  • First-class service by LAUDA employees in five service centers in North America, Europe and Asia
  • Integrated service ticket system that allows LAUDA service technicians in 4 time zones to provide 24h/5d support whenever you need it

  • Remote troubleshooting enables an analysis of required parts and repair/maintenance needs before field service is on site. This minimizes the risk of inefficient service calls where on-site repair may not be possible or critical parts need to be sourced in advance.
  • Remote maintenance capabilities maximize the efficiency of a service call and reduce the cost of parts, labor and administration for each service call

  • With LAUDA.LIVE we offer the possibility to update the firmware and software of your equipment via the 4G gateway or LAN connection through our service team
  • Get access to new features and performance improvements to maximize the use of your Constant temperature equipment
  • Updates are always optional and require manual activation on the Constant temperature equipment
  • Remote updates save the cost of a local on-site update field service

What’s coming next?

Our new digital product monitoring and analysis will enable you to dig deep into your machine data, remotely configure and control, in the office, at home or when travelling. The intuitive graphical visualization allows free selection and analysis of historic and live process data, such as temperature curves, pump and machine data, over a freely selectable period.

LAUDA.LIVE monitoring and analysis will enable you to monitor the device condition at any time. It’s highly customizable alarm and notification suite will alert you 24/7 and allows fastest reaction in case of urgency. Setup your own alarms and limit values to notify you via SMS, E-mail and within the cloud.

We are continuously working to add more features to LAUDA.LIVE. Want to stay up to date on upcoming updates to your LAUDA.LIVE product? Then subscribe our newsletter now. We look forward to hearing from you.

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How remote monitoring helps prevent outages in extreme weather conditions.


Lissie Ruiz Service Technician LAUDA-Brinkmann, USA
Our customer (2,500 miles from our US headquarters) was experiencing technical difficulties at varying times throughout the day and evening. The accessibility to real time data analysis (via the mobile gateway) allowed us to monitor conditions both inside and around the chiller, providing a quick diagnosis for the customer without the increased costs of a technician spending multiple days onsite.


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