Circulation chillers

Working temperature (°C)

Product nameWorking temp. min.Working temp. max.Pump pressure max. 50 HzCooling output at 20 °C
Microcool MC 1200 -10 °C 40 °C 1.3 bar 1.2 kW
Microcool MC 250 -10 °C 40 °C 0.35 bar 0.25 kW
Microcool MC 350 -10 °C 40 °C 0.35 bar 0.35 kW
Microcool MC 600 -10 °C 40 °C 1.3 bar 0.6 kW
Ultracool UC 14 -10 °C 35 °C 5.6 bar 20.3 kW
Ultracool UC 14 -10 °C 35 °C 4.2 bar 20.3 kW
Ultracool UC 2 -5 °C 25 °C 3.4 bar 2.8 kW
Ultracool UC 24 -10 °C 35 °C 5.8 bar 30.9 kW
Ultracool UC 24 -10 °C 35 °C 4.2 bar 30.9 kW
Ultracool UC 4 -5 °C 25 °C 3.4 bar 6.9 kW
Ultracool UC 50 -10 °C 35 °C 6.5 bar 65.6 kW
Ultracool UC 50 -10 °C 35 °C 4.6 bar 65.6 kW
Ultracool UC 65 -10 °C 35 °C 6.9 bar 85.2 kW
Ultracool UC 65 -10 °C 35 °C 5 bar 85.2 kW
Ultracool UC 8 -10 °C 35 °C 5.6 bar 13.3 kW
Ultracool UC 8 -10 °C 35 °C 4.2 bar 13.3 kW
Ultracool UC-0800 -5 °C 25 °C 4.6 bar 114.3 kW
Ultracool UC-1000 -5 °C 25 °C 3.7 bar 140.8 kW
Ultracool UC-1350 -5 °C 25 °C 5.5 bar 182.1 kW
Ultracool UC-1700 -5 °C 25 °C 5.2 bar 228.4 kW
Ultracool UC-2400 -5 °C 25 °C 5.2 bar 336.9 kW
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LAUDA’s circulation chillers ensure a problem-free, central cooling water supply in laboratories, research facilities or industrial processes. With the Microcool and Ultracool product lines, LAUDA offers a wide range of reliable, compact and energy-saving circulation chillers with cooling capacities from 0.25 kW to 265 kW.

  • Efficient and easy to use
  • High temperature stability – even during continuous operation
  • Space-saving, compact device housing

The user-friendly and high-performance devices are suitable for use in various cooling tasks in the areas of laboratory, research and industry:

  • Cooling of large printing machines in digital printing
  • Temperature control during laser cutting, spot-welding and injection molding
  • Rotation dampers
  • Tunneling equipment
  • Spectrometers
  • Distillation systems
  • etc.


Our range offers circulation chillers in an air-cooled or water-cooled version. As with all our constant temperature equipment, the high-quality manufacturing, modern design and easy operation speak for themselves.

LAUDA Microcool – compact circulation chillers for laboratory use 
Small and powerful: the LAUDA Microcool range has four compact models with LED display, membrane keypad and a high-quality block pump with magnetic coupling. 
About LAUDA Microcool


LAUDA Ultracool – circulation chillers for demanding temperature control tasks
For use in the open air: With its high cooling capacity and reinforced casing, the LAUDA Ultracool range in the mini or maxi versions is ideal for use in industrial applications.
The new generation of new LAUDA Ultracool circulation chillers has been developed with a focus on energy efficiency in conformity with the European Eco Design Directive. Through the new operating concept with an integrated web server and connection to the LAUDA Cloud, LAUDA Ultracool circulation chillers can be conveniently monitored and remotely controlled via PC, tablet or smartphone.
About LAUDA Ultracool

Control remote monitoring via tablet with Lauda Cloud Control remote monitoring via tablet with Lauda Cloud
Remote monitoring and control with LAUDA Cloud for the new generation Ultracool
Compact Microcool series for laboratories Compact Microcool series for laboratories
Compact for laboratory use - the LAUDA Microcool range


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