For the safe and reliable operation of the thermostats, we recommend the use of appropriate components, tubing, and temperature probes. A selection of our wide-range delivery programme is shown here.

Product nameDescriptionSuitable for product lineArticle number
10' Serial DB9 cable Female-Female Cable A000218
3500 POU Chiller Module-2 Unit Cart Equipment cart A000225
6-port manifold 3/4" connection LSZ 0264
62" PSC / Controller Rack, 30U Rack A000229
AMAT Barb Kit Connection kit A000242
AMAT MxP/Super e Hose Retrofit Hose kit A000241
AMAT, DPS Wall/Cathode-Sharp Hoke Hose connection kit A000244
AMAT, Hoke Shut-Off Vlv Retro-Sharp Valve A000240
Accessory: Flow control instrument for VC 600 LWZ 129
Adapter M30 x 1,5 - Sanitary Tri Clamp 90° HKA 215
Adapter M16x1mm(i.d.) - G 1/2"(o.d.) Inner Dia. 4.5 / Connection Solenoid Valve HKA 150
Adapter 90° angled HKA 199
Adapter Ball lining RD = 28 - Olive 1" HKA 168
Adapter FW2 HKN 107
Adapter G3/4" (I) to NPT3/4" (O) Brass HKA 213
Adapter G3/4"(i) - Sanitary Tri Clamp 50.5 90° HKA 202
Adapter G3/4(i) - Sanitary Tri Clamp LSOZ1173
Adapter M14x1.5 to M16x1 (O) HKN 059
Adapter M16x1 HKN 089
Adapter M16x1 (O) - spherical liner RD=28 HKA 149
Adapter M16x1 - G1/2" HKN 140
Adapter M16x1 - G3/8" HKN 195
Adapter M24x1.5 (I) to M16x1 (A) UD 880
Adapter M24x1.5 (I) to M30x1.5 (O) UD 879
Adapter M24x1.5 (O) to M16x1 (I) UD 881
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