Puridest PD 2 D

LAUDA Puridest stills do not require any specialists for commissioning and maintenance and do not place any high demands on the raw water that is to be connected. Ultra-pure water is extracted by simply pressing a button.

Order no.: L003020


Water Still (fully automatic) for double distillation, suitable for both bench and wall mounting
Outlet with dust guard shield made of Borosilicate glass 3.3 for double distillate
Solenoid valve to control the water supply
Evaporator easily accessible for cleaning purposes.
Electronic level control during the whole distilling process.
Housing made of galvanised sheet steel, powder coated
Main switch with pilot lamp for the monitoring of both distillation stages at the front of the unit
Condenser (cooling coil) 1st stage made of stainless steel
Economical energy consumption by distillation of the heated cooling water.
CO2 degassing through outlet in the condenser.
Double-action low water cut-off through float switch and thermostatic safety switch.
Double-walled housing
Valve made of Borosilicate glass 3.3 with PTFE plunger for single distillate
Condenser (cooling coil) 2nd stage including the baffle made of DURAN® Borosilicate glass 3.3.
Water saving through automatic water cut-off. Unnecessary water consumption will be avoided.
Electronic contamination monitoring of the still with distillation stop and visual cleaning instruction
Heating element and evaporator made of stainless steel.

Technical data (according to DIN 12876)

Conductivity stage 1 /25 °C
2.2 µS/cm
Conductivity stage 2 /25 °C
1.6 µS/cm
Production output
2 L/h
Heater power max.
3.5 kW
Max. power consumption
3.5 kW
Cooling water flow rate
1.2 L/min
Pressure difference cooling water min.
3 bar
Maximal pressure cooling water
7 bar
Dimensions (WxDxH)
500 x 260 x 470 mm
15 kg
Ambient temperature range
10 ... 40 °C
Power supply
230 V; 50/60 Hz
Power plug

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