Mobifreeze Ultratiefkühltruhe
For optimum temperature-controlled transportation down to -86 °C

Working range

Keeping the cold chain controlled during transportation thanks to a constant temperature – with our new Mobifreeze product, we have managed to turn our vision into reality. The battery-powered and mobile ultra low temperature chest freezer sets new standards in the field of intralogistics.

Min. working temperature

-86 °C

Max. working temperature

-50 °C

Temperature stability

3 ± K

Product lines

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Product Usable volume Min. working temp Interior dimensions (WxDxH) Dimensions (WxDxH) Compare product
Mobifreeze M 270 270 L -86 °C 900 x 600 x 500 mm 1471 x 933 x 1217 mm Details

Device dimensions

1471 x 933 x 1217 mm

Mobifreeze M 270

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Deep-freeze appliances Brochure
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Test Report Battery Mobifreeze

Deep-freeze appliances Customer information
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Applications and industry examples for LAUDA ultra low temperature freezers


Temperature control is essential when it comes to the quality of research and production results.

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Research & development labs

Temperature control is essential when preparing samples and during quality assurance.

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Pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, temperature control processes range from research to production scale.

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