Integral T New Generation

The new generation of Integral T process thermostats for professional external temperature control from -30 to 150 °C

The new LAUDA Integral T process thermostats ensure efficient control of external temperature control processes in the temperature range from -30 to 150 °C. The units enable rapid temperature changes due to adapted heating and cooling capacities with small internal volumes. Due to the open hydraulic system, the unit vents quickly and without functional restrictions. This makes it ideal for temperature control processes with frequent consumer or specimen changes. A reliable, powerful submersible pump and the internal bypass for pressure limitation are standard features of the Integral T. The modular interface concept is now also implemented in the Integral T and ensures maximum networking of the user processes.

With the modular interface concept, you can integrate the new Integral process thermostats into your processes with maximum flexibility. The devices are equipped as standard with interfaces such as Ethernet, USB or Pt 100. Additional interfaces and communication protocols can be easily added via modules.

Working temperature min.

-30 °C

Working temperature max.

150 °C

Integral IN 130 T Integral IN 230 T Integral IN 230 TW Integral IN 530 T Integral IN 530 TW Integral IN 1030 T Integral IN 1330 TW
Working temperature min. -30 °C -30 °C -30 °C -30 °C -30 °C -30 °C -30 °C
Working temperature max. 120 °C 120 °C 120 °C 120 °C 120 °C 150 °C 150 °C
Filling volume min. 3.6 L 3.6 L 3.6 L 7.2 L 7.2 L 9.7 L 9.7 L
Filling volume max. 8.7 L 8.7 L 8.7 L 20.5 L 20.5 L 25.5 L 25.5 L
Interface(s) Ethernet, USB Ethernet, USB Ethernet, USB Ethernet, USB Ethernet, USB Ethernet, USB Ethernet, USB
Temperature stability 0.05 ±K 0.05 ±K 0.05 ±K 0.05 ±K 0.05 ±K 0.1 ±K 0.1 ±K
Pump pressure max. 3.5 bar 3.5 bar 3.5 bar 3.5 bar 3.5 bar 5.5 bar 5.5 bar
Pump flow max. (pressure) 40 L/min 40 L/min 40 L/min 40 L/min 40 L/min 60 L/min 60 L/min
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