Varioshake Shakers

Varioshake Shakers

For gentle movement or intensive shaking in continuous operation

Varioshake shakers are equipped with a large number of possible shaking movements for a wide variety of applications. Reciprocating shakers are used in laboratories and incubation and temperature control rooms at ambient temperatures between 10 and 60 °C for shaking bottles, test tubes or separating funnels.

LAUDA Varioshake shakers are available in versions with a load capacity of 8 to 30 kg and work surfaces of up to 676 x 540 mm. The intuitive digital control allows easy operation.

Varioshake VS 15 O Varioshake VS 8 O Varioshake VS 8 OE Varioshake VS 30 O
Shaking motion orbital orbital orbital orbital
Shaking frequency min. 20 min-1 20 min-1 20 min-1 20 min-1
Shaking frequency max. 300 min-1 500 min-1 500 min-1 250 min-1
Shaking amplitude 30 mm 10 mm 10 mm 32 mm
Load capacity max. 15 kg 8 kg 8 kg 30 kg
Shaking platform width 450 mm 330 mm 330 mm 676 mm
Shaking platform depth 450 mm 330 mm 330 mm 540 mm
Overall dimensions (WxDxH) 480 x 487 x 160 mm 350 x 355 x 160 mm 350 x 375 x 160 mm 705 x 607 x 160 mm
Ambient temperature min. 10 °C 10 °C 10 °C 10 °C
Ambient temperature max. 50 °C 50 °C 60 °C 50 °C
Temperature stability
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LAUDA Varioshake with intuitive digital control
LAUDA Varioshake shakers can be adapted to individual requirements thanks to an extensive range of accessories.

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