Product nameShaking motionLoad capacity max.Shaking amplitudeUsable volume
Varioshake VS 15 B bidirectional 15 kg 30 mm
Varioshake VS 15 O orbital 15 kg 30 mm
Varioshake VS 15 R rocking 15 kg 3 °
Varioshake VS 15 T tumbling 15 kg 3 °
Varioshake VS 150 OI orbital 20 kg 25 mm 157 L
Varioshake VS 20 OH overhead rotating 20 kg
Varioshake VS 30 O orbital 30 kg 32 mm
Varioshake VS 45 OI orbital 25 mm 36 L
Varioshake VS 60 OI orbital 30 mm 68 L
Varioshake VS 8 B bidirectional 8 kg 20 mm
Varioshake VS 8 BE bidirectional 8 kg 20 mm
Varioshake VS 8 O orbital 8 kg 10 mm
Varioshake VS 8 OE orbital 8 kg 10 mm
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Shakers from LAUDA for use in laboratories and research

LAUDA Varioshake shakers are characterized by high reliability and durable mechanics. Equipped with »GFL Technology«, all products embody the quality and many years’ experience of the former premium manufacturer GFL. They are primarily used in the field of biology and microbiology, in medical diagnostics, in laboratories, test institutes and research institutes, and in quality assurance. With different shaking movements and device properties, LAUDA shakers are the right choice for any application. They also run quietly and are completely reliable, even in continuous operation. They also reliably manage demanding applications with actively regulated temperature control and high temperature stability.


We offer LAUDA Varioshake shakers in the following variants:
• Reciprocating shakers
• Orbital shakers
• Tumbling shakers
• Rocking shakers
• Overhead shakers
• Shaking incubators


The LAUDA Varioshake product line encompasses models in multiple sizes, with various shaking motions. LAUDA shakers are available in different variants for a wide variety of applications and for containers of 15 to 50 ml. With accessories like adhesive mats, platform attachments and other equipment elements, the devices can be optimally adapted for any requirement. As a result, they are suitable for use in standard tasks, and as special solutions for individual requirements. Thanks to their compact design and small footprint, they can easily be integrated in existing laboratories.


The benefits of LAUDA shakers at a glance:
• Numerous and variable equipment options
• Wide variety of application options, thanks to comprehensive accessories
• Powerful and durable
• Compact, robust and space-saving design
• Infinitely adjustable, intuitive controls
• Excellent temperature control, even for demanding applications


Shaking incubators from LAUDA are specially designed for shaking and mixing in precisely reproducible circular motions at temperature settings up to 70 °C. Meanwhile, they are infinitely adjustable. They offer optimal temperature distribution across the entire useful area and are extremely versatile, thanks to extensive application options.

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LAUDA shaker for reliable and uniform shaking and mixing LAUDA shaker for reliable and uniform shaking and mixing
LAUDA shakers mix and shake reliably, even in continuous operation
LAUDA shaker with modern control system for intuitive operation LAUDA shaker with modern control system for intuitive operation
Intuitive, infinitely adjustable operating element

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