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Under the quality mark »GFL Technology« we bundle all laboratory equipment of our branch facility in Burgwedel. The new water baths, shakers as well as freezers and stills round off the extensive portfolio of Constant temperature equipment from LAUDA. Our devices are dependable aides which support work in a wide variety of applications in laboratories throughout the world.

GFL Technology: A strong partner in laboratory technology

LAUDA took over the laboratory technology specialist GFL Gesellschaft für Labortechnik mbH at the end of 2018. GFL has been known as a manufacturer of laboratory equipment for more than 50 years and is active in over 150 countries. The portfolio of the company includes freezers, water baths, shaking water baths, water stills, shakers and shaking incubators.

The designation »GFL Technology« means that LAUDA is continuing the tradition of the GFL brand, which is renowned for its superb quality and durability in laboratories throughout the world. With a modern LAUDA design, excellent performance data and an extensive range of accessories, the new product lines offer you everything you need for your laboratory applications.

An Erlenmeyer flask filled with a red transparent liquid stands on a LAUDA shaker.

Laboratory cross-reference list

The cross-reference list will help you to assign the former GFL catalog numbers to the new LAUDA devices and catalog numbers. You can download the list by clicking the icon.

LAUDA laboratory devices with »GFL Technology«

LAUDA Water Baths

The LAUDA Hydro water bath range comprises six water baths, two water baths with a circulating function as well as three shaking water baths. They are reliable, virtually maintenance-free and ideally equipped for continuous operation in the laboratory. The LAUDA Hydro product line also includes vaporization water baths and a paraffin stretching bath.


LAUDA Freezers

LAUDA Versafreeze freezers are used for the reliable long-term storage and quality assurance of organic, inorganic and biological substances and samples. LAUDA freezer cabinets and chest freezers with the designation »GFL Technology« are a byword for the highest quality in continuous operation.


LAUDA Stills

LAUDA Puridest stills are used for the production of ultra-pure, low-gas, sterile and pyrogen-free distillate. LAUDA stills set impressive standards with their compact design, user-friendliness and performance.


LAUDA Shakers

The LAUDA Varioshake shakers are reliable partners in many applications in the laboratory. They are used for mixing a variety of liquids or powders, prevent sedimentation or are used for oxygen enrichment and sample preparation. LAUDA Varioshake shakers are extremely user-friendly, robust and durable and are therefore the ideal companion for everyday work in the laboratory.

LAUDA Hydro water baths
LAUDA Hydro water baths
LAUDA Varioshake shakers
LAUDA Varioshake shakers

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