Mechatronics Technician for Refrigeration Technology (m/f/d)

Mechatronics technicians for refrigeration technology (m/f/d) are responsible for reliable cooling and the correct environmental conditions. First and foremost in their training is the acquisition of skills and knowledge which they will require for the entire installation, maintenance and repair of constant temperature equipment (heating and cooling). The processing of a complex customer order, thermostating technology and economic and social studies are the examination areas of the advanced trade test. After the traineeship, mechatronics technicians for refrigeration technology (m/f/d) are deployed at LAUDA on the production floor in the devices construction and testing areas or in the service and maintenance areas.

Type & Duration

  • Dual system/3.5 years


  • Trade test part 1 (2nd training year)
  • Trade test part 2 (4th training year)

Vocational school

  • in Leonberg, acc. to block schedule


Intermediate educational achievement, interest in mathematics, natural sciences, interest in technical relationships, electronics, dexterity of hand and fingers, logical thinking

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Personnel Officer

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