Alpha Cooling thermostats

Alpha Cooling thermostats

Affordable cooling thermostats for maintaining temperatures from -25 to 100 °C in the lab

LAUDA Alpha offers reliable technology and modern design for temperature ranges from -25 to 100 °C. This line of devices is suitable for internal and external temperature control thermostatting with non-flammable liquids (water and water/glycol). The thermostats are the perfect solution for most basic temperature control applications in the lab. Reduced down to the most essential functions, this affordable product line will win you over with its reliability and user-friendliness.

The cooling thermostats RA 8, RA 12 and RA 24, including standard-issue bath covers and pump connections, facilitate cooling across the entire temperature range from -25 to 100°C. Automatic compressor control extends the service life of the compressor and offers savings on operation costs.

Working temperature min.

-25 °C

Working temperature max.

100 °C

Temperature stability

0.05 ± K

Alpha RA 12 Alpha RA 8 Alpha RA 24
Working temperature min. -25 °C -25 °C -25 °C
Working temperature max. 100 °C 100 °C 100 °C
Filling volume min. 9.5 L 5 L 14 L
Filling volume max. 14.5 L 7.5 L 22 L
Heater power max. 1.5 kW 1.5 kW 1.5 kW
Cooling output at 20 °C 0.325 kW 0.225 kW 0.425 kW
Temperature stability 0.05 ± K 0.05 ± K 0.05 ± K
Pump pressure max. 50 Hz 0.2 bar 0.2 bar 0.2 bar
Flow rate max. (pressure) 50 Hz 15 L/min 15 L/min 15 L/min
Interfaces integrated No No No
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Cost savings through automatic compressor: Cooling capacity is only provided when it is needed.
Easy cleaning of the cooling air intake by removing the front cover without tools.

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