Variocool VC 3000

All models are available in air- or water-cooled versions (W) and are equipped with steerable fixed castors. Sound insulation or the option for outdoor installation is available for the powerful process thermostats in tower design from the VC 5000.

Order no.: L000929


Process thermostat suitable for use with non-flammable heat transfer liquids
Coloured TFT display for simultaneous indication of actual & set values and graphic illustration of the temperature profile
Clear text menu navigation, six selectable languages DE, EN, FR, ES, IT, RU
Easy input via cursor and soft keys
Fully electronic continuous controller with PID action
Electronic level indication and low level alarm
Powerful pressure pump
USB interface as standard
Remote fault indication through floating contact
Upgradeable with an interface module (analogue module, contact module, RS 232/485 module, Profibus, Ethernet-USB module)
Integrated programmer with max. 150 segments, splitable in 5 programmes
Adjustable bypass for pressure limiting
Filler opening on top, drain tap on the backside
SmartCool system for energy-saving digital cooling management including compressor on-off control
Operates with non flammable liquids (water,water/glycol)
Condenser cooling Air

Working range

Min. working temperature

-20 °C

Max. working temperature

80 °C

Temperature stability

0.05 ± K

Technical data (according to DIN 12876)

Working temperature range
-20 ... 80 °C
Ambient temperature range
5 ... 40 °C
Temperature stability
0.05 ± K
Heater power max.
1.5 kW
Max. power consumption
2.6 kW
Current consumption
14 A
4,8 bar
Max. pump flow pressure
37 L/min
In / Outlet connection thread (outside)
G 3/4"
Pressure adjustment
Max. filling volume
33 L
Dimensions (WxDxH)
550 x 650 x 970 mm
89 kg
Power supply
230 V; 50 Hz
Power plug
Power cord with angled plug (CEE7/7)
TemperaturTemperiermediumKälteleistung 50 Hz
20 °CEthanol2,8 kW
10 °CEthanol2,2 kW
0 °CEthanol1,48 kW
-10 °CEthanol0,75 kW
-20 °CEthanol0,25 kW


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Process thermostats Operating instructions
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Variocool (new design)

Process thermostats Operating instructions
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Variocool NRTL

Process thermostats Operating instructions
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Chapter Circulation and process thermostats
Overall brochure

Process thermostats Brochure
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