LOOP L 100

The L 100 and L 250 air-cooled device types achieve a cooling capacity of 120 and 250 watt. The devices are primarily for use at constant temperatures with low power requirements. Both device types are especially energy-efficient and silent in partial-load operation.

Order no.: L000027


Easy to use recirculation thermostat with integrated cooling system
Facile 3-key user interface
Operates with non flammable liquids (water,water/glycol)
Air cooled system
Bright and high-contrast graphic OLED display
RS 232 interface
Quiet and low vibration level operation due to refrigerant free cooling technology
User friendly menu navigation in plain language
Pump connectors with fast couplings for simple change of applications
Compact overall size and low weight

Working range

Min. working temperature

4 °C

Max. working temperature

80 °C

Temperature stability

0.1 ± K

Technical data (according to DIN 12876)

Working temperature range
4 ... 80 °C
Ambient temperature range
5 ... 40 °C
Temperature stability
0.1 ± K
Heater power max.
0.2 kW
In / Outlet connection thread (outside)
Quick C. 1/4″
Max. filling volume
0.28 L
Dimensions (WxDxH)
175 x 301 x 266 mm
7 kg
Noise level
57 dB(A)
Net weight
6.5 kg
Max. power consumption
0.24 kW
Max. discharge pressure
0,8 bar
Max. pump flow pressure
3 L/min
Power supply
100-240 V; 50/60 Hz
Power plug
Power cord with angled plug (CEE7/7)
TemperaturTemperiermediumKälteleistung 50 HzKälteleistung 60 Hz
20 °CEthanol0,12 kW0,12 kW
10 °CEthanol0,06 kW0,06 kW


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Circulation thermostats Operating instructions
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