heat transfer liquids

Correct selection of the heat transfer liquid is of crucial importance
for the safe and reliable operation of your thermostats.

Kryo 30

Low-cost, non-flammable thermostating liquid for heating and low-temperature range, suitable in closed systems flooded with cold oil, for e.g. Integral XT or USH 400.

Important features
Recommended temperature range for open systems -30 ... 90 °C
Recommended temperature range for closed systems -30 ... 90 °C
Chemical characterization Monoethylene glycol/water mixture containing inhibitors
Colour Light yellow
Viscosity, kinematic at 20 °C 4 mm²/s
Density at 20 °C 1082 kg/m³
Pour point < -70 °C
Flash point ca. 120 °C
Fire point
Boiling point
Ignition temperature
Water solubility Completely soluble
Material incompatibility No known incompatibility with other materials
Order number 5 L LZB 109
Order number 10 L LZB 209
Order number 20 L LZB 309

Physical properties


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