Shaking tray
№ для заказа: A000023

Рабочие характеристики

Shaking tray made of stainless steel.
Hole grid: 12 mm, hole diameter: 4.2 mm
With perforated grid to accommodate clamps for Erlenmeyer flasks and to fix test tube racks A000032and A000033.
Two handles extending from the water surface allow for easy placement and removal.
Perforation: 33 x 21 holes
When using the tray, the useable depth is reduced by 15 mm: Usable depth: 175 mm

Технические характеристики (согл. DIN 12876)

Размеры (Ш × Г × В)
450 x 300 x null mm
400 mm
256 mm
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