The LAUDA Mission Statement

We are the world’s leading provider of precise temperature control

1) At LAUDA, we are committed to our tradition as a modern family-owned company.

  • We make long-term decisions for the future.
  • Employees feel as if they belong to the company and conduct themselves responsibly.
  • The proximity of shareholders leads to a high sense of identification with LAUDA.
  • The company is led by a member of the family, and shares remain in family hands in the long term.

2) At LAUDA, we remain the global market leader and set benchmarks.

  • We market and sell a broad-based range of innovative products and offer the most comprehensive product portfolio.
  • We have a high-performance global sales and service network and offer the highest level of consulting expertise.

3) At LAUDA we strive for innovation.

  • We actively incorporate our employees’ and customers’ ideas.
  • We create the space for creative solutions and promote technical innovation.
  • We systematically utilize external stimulus and new technologies.
  • We target the development of new markets and customer segments.

4) At LAUDA, we are synonymous with sustainability and a high level of environmental awareness.

  • We protect our environment and use resources sparingly.
  • We compensate for air travel and avoid it as far as possible.
  • Our products are durable and save valuable resources, including drinking water and electricity.

5) At LAUDA, we regard high quality as the basis of everything we do, both with our products and with our customer and supplier relationships.

  • Our products meet their promised properties and customer expectations.
  • Our products meet statutory regulations, the state of the art and the most stringent safety and reliability standards.
  • Our processes are based on certified quality management systems.
  • All employees are extremely well trained and have excellent awareness of quality.
  • We focus on excellent delivery reliability and work with the best suppliers.

6) At LAUDA, we combine regional solidarity with an openness to the world.

  • We do not tolerate discrimination and actively seek to achieve diversity in our workforce.
  • We invest heavily in all global sites.
  • We are committed in our region: socially, educationally and culturally.
  • We enable our employees to work abroad and offer language training.

7) At LAUDA, we uphold traditional commercial virtues.

  • We are committed to the statements we make and treat our partners fairly.
  • We also support our long-standing partners in difficult situations.
  • We aim for profitability and maintain our financial independence.

8) At LAUDA, we offer an inspiring working environment with many different development opportunities.

  • We pay attractive salaries and offer varied top-class jobs.
  • We educate our staff and specifically promote talented personnel.
  • We provide exciting internships, international assignments, career paths and further education opportunities.

9) At LAUDA, we persuade our customers with our own personnel and with qualified partners.

  • We provide our customers with expert advice and offer them technically and also economically optimal solutions.
  • We support our customers in commissioning and offer global after-sales support.