The LAUDA Corporate Philosophy

Our guiding principle: We are the global leader in the field of exact temperature control with liquids

Our principles:

1) At LAUDA, we are committed to our tradition as a modern family company.

  • We make long-term decisions aiming at our future.
  • Every person on our staff is dedicated to the company and feels a strong sense of responsibility.
  • We are close to the shareholders and the shareholders are closely related to LAUDA.
  • The company’s top manager is a family member and the company shares will remain in the hands of the family also in the long term.

2) At LAUDA, we will remain the global leader in the field of temperature control with liquids and we set standards.

  • We market new, innovative products in a wide range of performance and with the widest product portfolio.
  • We have an efficient global sales and service network and offer highly competent customer advice.

3) At LAUDA, we ensure innovations.

  • We actively involve our staff and adopt their ideas as well as those of our customers.
  • We create the scope for technical innovation and promote creative solutions.
  • We systematically use external impulse as well as new technologies.
  • We develop new markets and target new customer segments.

4) At LAUDA, we see high quality as the basis of all our actions, regarding both, our products and the relationship with our customers and suppliers.

  • Our products always have the guaranteed characteristics also in the long-term and thus meet the customers’ requirements.
  • Our products comply with the legal requirements, are state of the art technologically, and meet the highest requirements of safety and product reliability.
  • Our processes conform with our certified quality systems.
  • Every person on our staff is well-trained and has a high quality consciousness.
  • We attach importance to delivery reliability and cooperate with the best suppliers.
  • We protect our environment and use resources carefully.

5) At LAUDA, we have a deep connection with our region and are at the same time a global player.

  • We feel a great responsibility for our region and engage in social and cultural projects as well as in education.
  • We give our staff the chance of stays in foreign countries and offer foreign language trainings.
  • We make investments in the German headquarters as well as in the foreign subsidiaries.

6) At LAUDA, we act according to business virtues.

  • We stand by our statements and are fair to our partners.
  • We support our long-term partners also in difficult situations.
  • We keep an eye on profitability and strive to stay financially independent.

7) At LAUDA, we offer an interesting work environment and various career opportunities.

  • We offer attractive remuneration as well as interesting and varied high-level tasks.
  • We demand and foster talent both in Germany and abroad.
  • We offer internships, foreign assignments, career options and development opportunities.
  • We do job training and offer degree programs as well as to work alongside studies.

8) At LAUDA, we convince our customers with our own staff and with qualified partners.

  • We offer competent customer advice as well as the optimum technological and economical solution.
  • We give our customers commissioning support and offer worldwide after-sales support.

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