Secondary circuit systems

Systems for the use of primary energy from -150 up to 400 °C

Heating and cooling systems from the line of secondary circuit systems of the TR model series consist either of one or several heat exchanger modules. They have direct media coupling or an electric heater module. The additional letters, such as for example HKT, indicate the number of heating or cooling modules as well as the thermostatic functions. These systems produce a temperature controlled liquid fl ow and are designed as a compact, fully insulated system with a control cabinet, ready for connection and completely pretested in the factory.


A group of people in white coats stands next to multiple secondary circuit units in an industrial room.

Technical Data for LAUDA Secondary Circuit Systems

Features TR 150 TR 250 TR 350 TR 400 TR 600
Heat transfer fluid Water, water/glycol, thermal oil, special liquids
Working temperature (°C) - 100 ... 400
Pump flow rate (m³/h) 0,5 … 2 9 ... 12 18 ... 50 60 ... 100 120 ... 180
Thermostatic functions H (Heating) K (Cooling) T (Chilling) Ts (Ultra-chilling)
Primary energy Electrical, steam, hot oil, hot water, air, cooling water, brine, cold oil, nitrogen
Energy transfer indirectly via heat exchanger or electric heater, direct coupling


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