Process cooling systems

Cooling systems from -100 up to 150 °C

LAUDA Heating and cooling systems from the line of process cooling systems in the SUK model series always consist of the compressor, pump, expansion tank, evaporator and condenser modules. Depending on the lowest operating temperature, single-stage (down to -35 °C) or two-stage compressors (down to -50 °C) are used and with very low temperatures two cooling circuits are used in cascade (down to -100 °C). The condenser can be cooled by water or air. The output is continuously and precisely controlled by the
injection controller. If multiple compressors are present, stage switching saves energy and ensures low-wear partial load operation (automatic compressor system). With an electric
heater or a steam heat exchanger the SUK model series can be expanded for temperatures from -100 up to 150 °C. Also precooling using in-house brine or air can be easily
realized using the building kit. The application itself dictates whether a cold storage buffer tank is advantageous or not.


Your advantages at a glance

Digital temperature controller

for controlling the consumer / product temperature and the outflow temperature

Highly dynamic, energy-efficient cooling system

thanks to modern cooling modules for the best possible configuration of compressor and performance quantity

Automatic shut-off valve on cooling water inlet

to avoid contamination of the heat exchanger

Hermetic version without seals

so that oils and water are not mixed

Continuously controlled stainless steel electric heater as a flange version

thus, the heating power is adapted to the actual energy requirements

FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) in presence of customer

to check that the systems are designed for customer requirements and to provide an initial instruction and trial run already before shipment


Marco Hauser
Sales Manager Heating and cooling systems

+49 (0) 9343 503 204



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