In accordance with the principle of ›modular engineering‹, LAUDA process cooling systems, heat transfer systems and secondary circuit systems are planned and built precisely according to customer‘s wishes: process-oriented, customized and with precision control,meeting the strictest safety standards.

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In accordance with the principle of ›Modular Engineering‹, LAUDA plans and builds process cooling systems, heat transfer systems and secondary circuit units precisely in accordance with the customer’s wishes: process-oriented, made-to-measure and precisely in accordance with the regulations, and with compliance with the strictest of safety standards. LAUDA installations heat and cool within the temperature range of -150 to 550 °C, with an accuracy of up to one tenth of a Celsius degree. Since the requirements for Constant temperature equipment are continuously growing, the modern LAUDA Heating and cooling modules are also flexible as far as expansion and modification are concerned.

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LAUDA’s comprehensive product portfolio and more than 65 years of development competence guarantee a focused consultation and equipment selection for our worldwide customers. From an initial idea to series production, with LAUDA series products and customized modifications a customer specific development and also manufacturing to order can be offered.

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LAUDA systems are used all over the world for temperature control. Comprehensive full documentation for all individual parts and the necessary safety units on the installation are necessary to guarantee a seamless certification process.


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