Puridest Water stills for double distillation

Easy to use and reliable

With a design life of more than 15 years, LAUDA Puridest stills are one of the most reliable and most robust water treatment systems for laboratories in the world. They also distill raw water of lower quality, separate pollutants, and kill germs, such as bacteria.

LAUDA Puridest stills do not require any specialists for commissioning and maintenance and do not place any high demands on the raw water that is to be connected. Ultra-pure water is extracted by simply pressing a button.

Puridest PD 2 D Puridest PD 4 D Puridest PD 8 D Puridest PD 2 DG Puridest PD 4 DG
Production output 2 L/h 4 L/h 8 L/h 2 L/h 4 L/h
Conductivity at 25 °C 2.2 µS/cm 2.2 µS/cm 2.2 µS/cm 2.2 µS/cm 2.2 µS/cm
Distillation type Double Double Double Double Double
Material Stainless steel/glass Stainless steel/glass Stainless steel/glass Glass Glass
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