Varioshake Shaking Incubators

Varioshake Shaking Incubators

Reliable mixing, shaking and temperature control

With temperatures of up to 70 °C and a connectable circular movement, Varioshake shaking incubators are suitable for applications such as homogenization, incubation, fermentation or chemical and biochemical reactions.

The shaking incubators from the LAUDA Varioshake product line offer a usable volume of 45 to 150 l with shaking areas up to 676 x 540 mm and excellent temperature stability of ±0.2 K.

Working temperature min.

28 °C

Working temperature max.

70 °C

Temperature stability

0.2 ± K

Varioshake VS 150 OI Varioshake VS 45 OI Varioshake VS 60 OI
Shaking motion orbital orbital orbital
Shaking frequency min. 20 min-1 20 min-1 20 min-1
Shaking frequency max. 250 min-1 250 min-1 250 min-1
Shaking amplitude 25 mm 25 mm 30 mm
Load capacity max. 20 kg
Shaking platform width 420 mm 450 mm
Shaking platform depth 270 mm 450 mm
Overall dimensions (WxDxH) 930 x 890 x 820 mm 710 x 650 x 710 mm 559 x 687 x 628 mm
Ambient temperature min. 10 °C 10 °C 10 °C
Ambient temperature max. 30 °C 30 °C 30 °C
Temperature stability 0.2 ± K 0.2 ± K 0.2 ± K
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