LAUDA Heating and cooling systems offer high-temperature systems with a unique working temperature range

After successful test runs and customer approval in-house at LAUDA, the first high-temperature system was loaded for transport to the customer.

LAUDA Heating and cooling systems now offer new high-temperature systems with unique working temperature ranges up to 550 °C.

Heating and cooling up to 550 °C with molten salt

LAUDA, leading manufacturer of Constant temperature equipment and systems worldwide, is now offering temperature control systems that function using liquid salt. The advantages: unique working temperature range up to 550 °C and high operational safety for seamless production processes.

After successful test runs and customer approval in-house at LAUDA, the first high-temperature system to use molten salt as a heat carrier was loaded for transport to the customer's facilities. LAUDA has been designing specialized Heating and cooling systems for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries for over 50 years. They provide precise temperature control thermostating for reaction vessels, evaporators, dryers and filters using heat transfer liquids – primarily thermal oil. If extremely high temperatures are required, such as in aluminum oxide or melamine production, lye evaporation, and other high-temperature reactions, molten salt offers some real advantages as a heat carrier compared to thermal oils, which are limited to an operating temperature of around 400 °C. In comparison, the salt mixture used by LAUDA permits temperatures up to 550 °C. They are liquid under operating conditions, have ideal use characteristics, such as low viscosity and high heat capacity, and ensure non-pressurized operation.

The principle of operation: A pump conveys the liquid salt mixture from a heated bottom tank to a heater (either a combustion heater or an electric heater) that heats it to the desired temperature. If necessary, a cooling module can be integrated that will cool the salt mixture down to a temperature just above its solidification point, precisely and to the correct degree. This makes it possible to realize a constant temperature system with a unique working temperature range. When the pump is turned off, the salt mixture automatically drains back into the tank. This prevents solidification in the system and ensures high operational safety.

All LAUDA systems are delivered to the customer as modules, ready to be connected and with a controller included. Extensive tests in the LAUDA testing facility make starting up on-site a quick process, thus reducing standstill times during installation.



LAUDA is the world's leading manufacturer of constant temperature equipment and applications for research, applications technology and production. Its product range includes Constant temperature equipment, Measuring instruments and Heating and cooling systems. Customers in the medical technology, semiconductor and biotechnology industries, among others, count on the high-quality products made in Lauda-Königshofen in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The company, founded in 1956, nowadays has around 430 employees and twelve foreign subsidiaries. With more than 60 years of experience behind it, it offers a unique product range, including compact laboratory thermostats, industrial circulation chillers, and customer-specific heating and cooling systems having over 400 Kilowatts of cooling capacity. As a result, LAUDA is the only company serving more than 10,000 customers worldwide to guarantee optimum temperatures throughout the value added chain. The high-quality products maintain constant temperatures to the nearest five-thousandth °C, or regulate the temperature within a range of -150 to 550°C with a high degree of accuracy. Production processes are accelerated or made possible via active cooling or heating.