Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (m/f/d)

The Electrical Engineering study program communicates in-depth mathematical and scientific knowledge as well as detailed expertise in the theoretical principles of electrical engineering, electronics, information processing, sensor systems, electric drive technology, automation, microcomputer technology, control technology, digital technology and software technology. During the practical phases, participants will come to know all departments relevant to the study program, such as Electronics Development, Special Equipment and Prototyping. On completion of the Electronics Engineering course, participants will be capable of managing projects in Development, Project Planning, Project Management, Production, Quality Assurance and Technical Sales.

Type & Duration

  • Dual system/3 years
  • University of Cooperative Education in Mosbach
  • Three-month rotation between theory and practice


General or higher education entrance qualifications or advanced technical college certificate (incl. DHBW aptitude test), technical interest, primarily in the area of electrical engineering, understanding of mathematics and physics, ability to work in a team, flexibility, creativity, independence, good command of English

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