Hydro Tissue float baths

Hydro Tissue float baths

Water baths from 25 to 80 °C for the lab

Tissue float baths are used in histological, chemical, clinical and bacteriological laboratories for stretching and drying cut tissue samples. The exact temperature control of the LAUDA Hydro tissue float bath ensures evenly stretched sections that are clearly visible in the bath and guarantees gentle drying of the stretched sections on the heated edge.

The LAUDA Hydro tissue float bath operates in a temperature range of 25 to 80 °C and a temperature constancy of ±0.5 K. The bath body consists of black anodised aluminium. The low bath height enables comfortable and safe working.

Working temperature min.

25 °C

Working temperature max.

80 °C

Temperature stability

0.5 ±K

Hydro H 2 P
Working temperature range 25 °C to 80 °C
Temperature stability 0.5 ±K
Heater power 0.3 kW
Bath volume 1.6 L
Bath opening
Bath depth 50 mm
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