Universal water baths from 25 to 95 °C for the lab

Cost-effective, compact water baths for basic use in the lab, LAUDA Aqualine is sure to impress with its ease of operation made possible by digital LED display and high reliability. With maximum usable space and no installations in the bath, the devices are easy to clean or disinfect. The panel heating elements installed under the bath vessel ensure homogeneous temperature distribution without local thermal cutouts.

The four different water bath sizes of the LAUDA Aqualine, made of deep-drawn stainless steel without installations, offer optimum utilization of the inner space and a maximized sample count per bath. It offers the perfect bath depth or opening for every application, regardless of the sample size and quantity. The patented heating concept allows Aqualine baths to achieve outstanding temperature homogeneity and make them especially well-suited to the needs of biological, medical, or biochemical labs.

Working temperature min.

25 °C

Working temperature max.

95 °C

Temperature stability

0.2 ±K

Aqualine AL 5 Aqualine AL 12 Aqualine AL 18 Aqualine AL 25
Working temperature range 25 °C to 95 °C 25 °C to 95 °C 25 °C to 95 °C 25 °C to 95 °C
Temperature stability 0.2 ±K 0.2 ±K 0.2 ±K 0.2 ±K
Heater power 0.5 kW 1.0 kW 1.2 kW 1.2 kW
Bath volume 1.00 L to 5 L 2 L to 12 L 3 L to 18 L 3 L to 25 L
Bath opening 300 mm x 151 mm 329 mm x 300 mm 505 mm x 300 mm 505 mm x 300 mm
Bath depth 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm 200 mm
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Full use of the bath and easy cleaning of the inner chamber, thanks to the lack of installations in the bath vessel
Removable, transparent gable cover

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