Kryoheater Selecta Process thermostats

Kryoheater Selecta Process thermostats

Process thermostats from -90 to 200 °C for high-performance, professional temperature control thermostating

LAUDA process thermostats from the Kryoheater Selecta (KHS) product line are synonymous with high-performance temperature control thermostating, long service life, ease of maintenance and intuitive operation. A two-stage compressor enables temperatures down to -60 °C. For temperatures down to -90 °C, a cascade cooling system with two cooling circuits is used. The condenser is cooled by means of cooling water and is regulated continuously and precisely by the injection control system. A step switch ensures energy-saving and low-wear partial load operation via automatic compressor control.

The Kryoheater Selecta product line consists of the two devices KHS 3560 W and KHS 2190 W, which can be used in chemical pharmaceutical production. They also perform impressively in simulations of the environmental conditions at inspection stations in the automotive and aerospace industry. The process thermostats are designed for pressurized operation with nitrogen. Benefits include the increase in maximum operating temperature and the extension in service life of the heat transfer liquids.

Working temperature min.

-60 °C

Working temperature max.

200 °C

Temperature stability

0.5 ± K

Kryoheater Selecta KHS 3560 W Kryoheater Selecta KHS 2190 W
Working temperature min. -60 °C -90 °C
Working temperature max. 200 °C 200 °C
Filling volume min. 15 L 15 L
Cooling output at 20 °C 35 kW 21 kW
Temperature stability 0.5 ± K 0.5 ± K
Heater power max. 18 kW 18 kW
Pump pressure max. 50 Hz 5.5 bar 5.5 bar
Flow rate max. (pressure) 50 Hz 85 L/min 85 L/min
Interfaces integrated USB (Type A) USB (Type A)
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