Integral Process thermostats

Integral Process thermostats

Professional temperature control for realistic test processes with the pressure-superimposed Integral P process thermostats

The new Integral P process thermostats operate on the principle of pressure superposition. The devices, equipped with a stainless steel pressure vessel, significantly extend the temperature range of non-flammable heat transfer media. Thus, the new Integral P process thermostats enable, for example, the testing of drive systems or stress tests under realistic conditions at favorable operating costs. Integral P process thermostats operate in the working temperature range from -40 to 140 °C with a cooling capacity of 20 or 25 kW.

Integral P process thermostats are equipped with a compressed air supply to draw the temperature control medium into the temperature control unit via a negative pressure of -0.2 bar. Like all Integral devices of the new generation, the Integral P process thermostats also use a modular interface concept for maximum flexibility in user processes.

Working temperature min.

-40 °C

Working temperature max.

140 °C

Temperature stability

0.1 ± K

Integral IN 2560 PW Integral IN 2050 PW
Working temperature min. -40 °C -40 °C
Working temperature max. 140 °C 140 °C
Filling volume min. 12.1 L 11.1 L
Filling volume max. 48.1 L 36.3 L
Heater power max. 24 kW 16 kW
Cooling output at 20 °C 25 kW 20 kW
Temperature stability 0.1 ± K 0.05 ± K
Pump pressure max. 50 Hz 6 bar 6 bar
Flow rate max. (pressure) 50 Hz 100 L/min 120 L/min
Interfaces integrated Ethernet, USB (Type A, B) Ethernet, USB (Type A, B)
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