DLK Flow through cooler

LAUDA flow through cooler for cooling heating thermostats up to -30 °C

LAUDA flow through coolers make it possible to work at room temperature, since they can be used to add a fully fledged, low-temperature thermostat to any heating thermostat with pump connections. Flow through coolers guarantee optimal temperature stability at all times and facilitate temperature conditions that can be reproduced anytime, since they replace ecologically unsound and cost-intensive cooling with tap water and allow work to be carried out without having to worry about fluctuations in flow through volumes and temperature of the cooling water.

Air-cooled, fully hermetical and therefore mostly maintenance-free cooling units with generously dimensioned heat exchangers are sure to impress with optimal insulation provided by polyurethane foam on all cooled parts in the interior of the flow through cooler – thus preventing condensation and corrosion.

Working temperature min.

-30 °C

Working temperature max.

150 °C

DLK 10 DLK 25
Working temperature min. -15 °C -30 °C
Working temperature max. 150 °C 150 °C
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