Process circulation chiller with cooling capacity of up to 10 kW or 265 kW from -5 to 25 °C for industrial applications

Suitable for setup outdoors, the compact LAUDA Ultracool circulation chiller with high cooling capacity are ready-to-operate “Plug & Operate” systems with a cold water container, centrifugal pump and internal bypass. The standard-issue temperature sensing prevents freezing of the heat exchanger. Integrated pressure switches also protect the circuit against pressure that is too high or too low and chiller casing made of galvanized steel panels coated with epoxy resin protected against corrosion even in aggressive production environments.

The UC mini circulation chillers UC 2 and UC 4 have a cooling capacity of 2.1 to 4.9 kW. In addition to being more compact, the geometry of the devices guarantees easy access to components requiring regular maintenance. Four of the Ultracool Maxi circulation chillers with cooling capacity between 34.1 and 64.4 kW operate with a cooling circuit, whereby the five device types with cooling capacities of 87.9 to 265 kW operate with two independent cooling circuits, ensuring cooling at all times.

Working temperature min.

-5 °C

Working temperature max.

25 °C

Ultracool UC 2 Ultracool UC 4 Ultracool UC-0800 SP Ultracool UC-1000 SP Ultracool UC-1350 SP Ultracool UC-1700 SP Ultracool UC-2400 SP
Working temperature min. -5 °C -5 °C -5 °C -5 °C -5 °C -5 °C -5 °C
Working temperature max. 25 °C 25 °C 25 °C 25 °C 25 °C 25 °C 25 °C
Volume water tank 19 L 19 L 300 L 500 L 500 L 500 L 500 L
Cooling output at 10 °C water outlet temperature 2.1 kW 4.9 kW 87.9 kW 106.4 kW 139.2 kW 175.7 kW 265 kW
Temperature stability 2 ±K 2 ±K 2 ±K 2 ±K 2 ±K 2 ±K 2 ±K
Pump pressure max. 3.4 bar 3.4 bar 4.7 bar 5 bar 5 bar 5 bar 5.9 bar
Pump flow max. (pressure) 42 L/min 42 L/min 420 L/min 330 L/min 750 L/min 750 L/min 1160 L/min
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Standard-issue castors for easy positioning
Standard fan control enables operation at ambient temperatures down to -15 °C and reduces the noise level



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