Bridge thermostats and Viscothermostats Proline

Heating thermostats for special applications from 30 up to 300 °C

LAUDA Proline bridge thermostats and viscothermostats are our solution for high performance and reliable temperature regulation. Viscothermostats are optimized for directly observing inserted objects. Bridge thermostats are available with different pump models and immersion depths. Viscothermostats and bridge thermostats are available in two versions: in the basic version with the Master control head, and as a Command version with a removable control unit for enhanced ease of operation. Master version devices can be retrofitted with the Command remote control, which are simply connected to the control head. The thermostat automatically recognises and controls all newly installed modules.

The Proline advantages Your benefits
Bridge thermostats and Viscothermostats Proline
  • Master or Command version
  • 52 different devices
  • Simple retrofitting from Master to Command version
  • The right solution for every application
  • Subsequent extension or adaptation to changing application requirements
Bridge thermostats and Viscothermostats Proline
  • Graphical user guidance
  • Adaptive control on cooling thermostats
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Saves time-consuming calculation of control parameters
Bridge thermostats and Viscothermostats Proline
  • Patented SmartCool system
  • PowerAdapt system for adjustment of the power consumption
  • Up to 75 percent energy saving with digital cooling management
  • Use of the maximum available output from the power supply system
Bridge thermostats and Viscothermostats Proline
  • Two insert ports can be combined with five different interface modules
  • Easy distribution of the pump flow by means of bypass valve
  • Pump connections on the side and rear
  • High level of flexibility for the user allowing for broad range of system integration
  • Simultaneous connection of two external applications
  • Flexible connection of external applications from different sides
Bridge thermostats and Viscothermostats Proline
  • High-performance pressure-suction pump (Varioflex pump) with eight pump levels
  • Up to 3.5 kW (230 V) heating power – even on all cooling thermostats via SmartCool system
  • Suitable for internal and external applications
  • Adaptation of the pump power to the respective application
  • Rapid heating achieved

Bridge thermostats and Viscothermostats Proline

Working temperature min. °C (number)

Working temperature max. °C (number)

Bath volume max. L (number)


Bridge thermostats

30...300 °C


Viscothermostats for applications up to 230 °C