Constant temperature equipment - Overview

For more than 60 years LAUDA has been designing and manufacturing high-quality constant temperature equipment in an operating temperature range from -100 up to 320 °C. Starting with water baths through to high-performance process thermostats. LAUDA thermostats are characterized by excellent handling, high ergonomics and intuitive operation.


Working temperature min. °C (number)

Working temperature max. °C (number)

Bath volume max. L (number)

Water baths Aqualine

The universal water baths for the laboratory from 25 up to 95 °C

Heating and cooling thermostats Alpha

Heating and cooling thermostats for cost-effective thermostating in the laboratory at temperatures from -25 up to 100 °C

Heating and cooling thermostats ECO

Heating and cooling thermostats for economical thermostating in the laboratory from -50 up to 200 °C

Bath and circulation thermostats PRO

Bath and circulation thermostats for professional temperature control from -100 up to 250 °C

Cooling thermostats Proline Kryomats

Extra powerful cooling thermostats for bath applications from -90 up to 200 °C

Bridge thermostats and Viscothermostats Proline

Heating thermostats for special applications from 30 up to 300 °C

Kryoheater Selecta

Process thermostat for energy-saving professional temperature control in the working range of -90 up to 200 °C

Process thermostats Integral T

Process thermostats for professional external thermostating

Thermo-electric circulation thermostats LOOP

Compact circulation thermostats for applications at constant temperature from 4 to 80 °C

Process thermostats Integral XT

Extremely broad temperature range and rapid temperature changes: LAUDA Integral XT

Circulation chillers Microcool

Circulation chillers for cost effective cooling in the lab and in research from -10 up to 40 °C

Calibration thermostats

Calibration and adjustment with LAUDA calibration thermostats at temperatures from -40 up to 300 °C

Circulation chillers Variocool

Circulation chillers for variable use in laboratory, mini-plant and production for temperatures from -20 up to 40 °C

Process circulation chillers Ultracool

Process circulation chillers for industrial applications

Through-flow coolers

Through-flow coolers down to -40 °C for effective cooling of heating thermostats

Immersion coolers

Immersion coolers down to -50 °C for cooling of heating thermostats, water baths and cooling traps

LAUDA heat transfer liquids - accuracy from experience