Viscosity measurement

The glass capillary viscometers serve to determine the level of kinematic viscosity. They come in versions such as Ubbelohde, Micro-Ubbelohde, Micro-Ostwald, and Cannon-Fenske.
The iVisc is a fully automatic and compact viscometer with an excellent price-performance ratio for viscosity levels between 0.3 and 30,000 mm²/s.
The modular setup of the automatic PVS viscometer with modern Windows software can be optimally adapted to any application.
The VRM cleaning modules enable the fully automatic cleaning and drying of the glass capillary viscometers.
The VAS viscosity auto-samplers offer the maximum convenience of automation with high sample throughput.
The sample preparation systems with high-quality balances, dosing systems and magnetic stirrers enable the exact manufacture of polymer solutions via direct PC control.


Glass capillary viscometers

Viscosity measuring with Ubbelohde, Cannon-Fenske and Micro-Ostwald capillary viscometers

iVisc Capillary viscometer

Capillary viscometer for fully automatic viscosity measurement and evaluation

PVS Viscometer basic modules

Modular processor viscosity measuring system for efficient system solutions

VRM Cleaning modules

Cleaning modules for fully automativ cleaning of viscometers

VAS Fully automatic sampler

Viscosity auto-sampler