Satellite technology

Cyclical temperature stress tests

In satellite technology, traveling wave tubes are used as powerful and robust amplification systems for microwave signals. The requirements made of quality and reliability of the tube amplifiers are very high. In orbit their average service life, e.g. in geostationary satellites like Astra, is around 15-18 years.

As early as the preliminary stages, intense functional and stress testing takes place in order to guarantee interference free usage. Cyclical temperature stress tests make sure that signal amplification always remains inside the tolerance range, even with fluctuating external conditions between -40 °C and +90 °C. Extreme testing conditions make special demands of the technical equipment.

Very fast temperature changes and long testing cycles require that the constant temperature equipment performs to the maximum, and does so in continuous operation. LAUDA Integral XT process thermostats meet these requirements perfectly.

LAUDA solutions for this application

Technical Data LAUDA Integral XT 250 W LAUDA Integral XT 350 W LAUDA Integral XT 950 W
Product Name LAUDA Integral XT 250 W LAUDA Integral XT 350 W LAUDA Integral XT 950 W
Working temperature min. °C -45 -50 -50
Working temperature max. °C 220 220 220
Filling volume min. L 2.60 5 5
Filling volume expansion vessel L 5.50 6.70 6.70
Interface(s) RS-232/485 RS-232/485 RS-232/485
Temperature stability ±K 0.05 0.10 0.10
Pump pressure max. bar 2.90 2.90 2.90
Pump flow max. (pressure) L/min 45 45 45