Service Constant temperature equipment

Fully set up to meet your requirements

Service constant temperature equipment

High product quality and extensive service support are what combine at LAUDA to make one inseparable unit. Thanks to regular maintenance appointments with our experienced Service experts, we make sure that your LAUDA devices keep running for longer. What can we do for you?

Our services for you:

When there are faults or system downtime, we are quickly on hand with zero bureaucracy. Our Service vehicles all have the most important measuring instruments and most common replacement parts on board so we can carry out repairs immediately on-site.

Quick response times

Thanks to our Service support points in Germany, the USA, China and France as well as our representatives in over 70 countries, we are always close-by and can respond immediately for every case.

With individual maintenance contracts, particularly short response times can be arranged for service cases, e.g. with extremely time-critical thermostating tasks. This also includes regular, comprehensive testing of both functions and safety as well as thorough cleaning, repairs and software updates.

Maintenance contracts can include, for instance, the following services:

  • Functional test acc. to BGV-A3 (VGB 4)
  • Leak test acc. to VGB 20
  • Testing of safety functions (EN 61010-1, EN 61010-2-010)
  • Replacement of worn parts
  • Maintenance reports and measurement data documentation

We offer professional dispose of refrigerants and old appliances for scrapping.

  • Fast and problem-free ordering of replacement parts
  • Affordable replacement parts offer for your LAUDA system

    LAUDA offers long-term provision of replacement parts. This means that we are able to refit even older devices to make them ready for operation. We have our own Service support points in Germany for the area of thermostats. Abroad, services are handled by our international service bases and representatives.