LAUDA temperature control solutions

Optimised temperature throughout the entire value-added chain

The right temperature worldwide and the greatest precision – at LAUDA these claims also extended to its high-quality constant temperature equipment and extremely high performance heating and cooling systems.

LAUDA constant temperature equipment from -90 up to 400 °C

For more than 60 years LAUDA has been designing and manufacturing high-quality constant temperature equipment in an operating temperature range from -90 up to 400 °C. Starting with water baths through to high-performance process thermostats. LAUDA thermostats are characterized by excellent handling, high
ergonomics and intuitive operation.

LAUDA Heating and cooling systems from -150 up to 400 °C

In accordance with the principle of “modular engineering”, LAUDA process cooling systems, heat transfer systems and secondary circuit systems are planned and built precisely according to customer‘s wishes: process-oriented, customized and with precision control,meeting the strictest safety standards.