LAUDA Milestones

From 1956 to today


The first year

Dr. Rudolf Wobser establishes the MESSGERAETE-WERK LAUDA Dr. R. Wobser KG in the small Baden town of Lauda.


The first innovations

At ACHEMA, LAUDA launches novel laboratory thermostats of modular construction. And the first cooling thermostats with mechanical cooling.


The first series production

The first series production of thermostats boosts turnover.


The first industrial systems

LAUDA now also builds heating and cooling systems for pilot and production plants.


The first measuring instruments

LAUDA again presents ground-breaking new developments at the ACHEMA – the first tensiometer and the first film balance.


The first capillary viscosity measuring system

In 1971 LAUDA launches the world's first automated capillary viscosity measuring system onto the market.


The first high-performance refrigeration based systems

Development of the first high-performance refrigeration bases systems and the first explosion proof systems.


Dr. Gerhard and Karlheinz Wobser take over management

After the death of the father, Dr. Rudolf Wobser, Dr. Gerhard Wobser and his brother Karlheinz Wobser take over the management as partners with unlimited liability.


The first microprocessor thermostat worldwide

In 1982 LAUDA presents the world's first microprocessor thermostats; and invents features like proportional cooling and external control.


The first heat transfer units

LAUDA develops the first industrial systems for research into solar power installations as well as heat transfer units ITH 350/400 and ITH 600.


The first automatic CMC determination

The computer-controlled tensiometer works for the first time with automatic CMC determination (reverse CMC patented by LAUDA).


The first year under the new name

LAUDA expands its product range and as a result changes its name from MESSGERÄTE-WERK LAUDA Dr. R. Wobser KG to LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG.


The first drop volume tensiometer

Product launch of the first drop volume tensiometer TVT1 for measuring dynamic surface and interfacial tension.


The first bubble pressure tensiometer

Development of the first bubble pressure tensiometer MPT 1 based on the Fainerman/Miller method.


The first circulation chillers

The first circulation chillers in the water-cooled class conquer the marketplace. A new generation of compact thermostats is also created.


Grand company anniversary

1st March 1996: LAUDA's 40th anniversary is celebrated with a lavish celebration.


Presentation of the LAUDA Ecoline

The LAUDA Ecoline catches experts' admiration at the 25th ACHEMA in Frankfurt.


First process thermostats

LAUDA launches a new product line: the process thermostats LAUDA Integra for thermostating tasks in manufacturing engineering.


Public début at “K” of the new TE 3

The latest development in tensiometers, the ring/plate tensiometer TE 3 is presented at the "K" plastics trade fair.


Karlheinz Wobser takes retirement

Karlheinz Wobser, managing director with many years' experience at LAUDA, takes retirement following over 46 years at the company.

European Patent for Kryopac system

LAUDA is granted the European Patent for its revolutionary LN2-Kryopac system. LAUDA presents a modular technique system also.


Dr. Gunther Wobser is appointed Managing Director

Dr. Gunther Wobser (right) was appointed Managing Director. Together with his father (left) he is managing the family company.

First range of thermostats grows with your tasks

LAUDA Proline is the first range of thermostats to be composed by the user.


The new Ecoline Staredition shines at Analytica 2004

The LAUDA Ecoline Staredition presented at Analytica 2004 breathes new live into the world of laboratory thermostats.


Innovative measuring instruments

The new instruments MPT C and TD 1 C are examples for the new upcomming tensiometers respectivlely which are independent from any PC. The easy use via remate control enables mobile, prcticable and highly precise working.


Constant reliability - 50 years of LAUDA

The date on which our company founder, Dr. Rudolf Wobser, established the LAUDA company at Lauda, a small town near the city of Würzburg, will recur for the 50th time on 1st March 2006.

Unique bandwidth of thermostating units

LAUDA presented two more innovative ranges at the ACHEMA 2006. The LAUDA Aqualine comprises universal water baths for laboratories. For temperature control in an extremely wide temperature range, the process thermostats Integral XT caused great excitement. The flexible, modular construction adapts to individual customer’s requirements. LAUDA is the only manufacturer offering this globally unique bandwidth of thermostating units – from the laboratory water bath to modular temperature control systems.


Innovative service products

LAUDA stands for professional service. This unique service know-how can be ordered at a fixed price. In this way, the customer receives reliability for his planning at attractive flat rates.


Expansion strategy with new subsidiaries

LAUDA consistently continues the global expansion strategy with the founding of subsidiaries LAUDA America Latina C.A., LAUDA China Co., Ltd. and LAUDA-Brinkmann, LP. USA. With the new production hall plus office building and an investment volume of around 3 million Euro, the heating and cooling systems business unit gained space for additional growth.


ACHEMA 2009 - First LAUDA world meeting

In the context of ACHEMA, LAUDA presents an equipment showcase. All of the staff from the six foreign LAUDA subsidiaries meet for the first time at the LAUDA world meeting.


Dr. Gerhard Wobser steps down

In March 2010, after 39 years, Dr Gerhard Wobser steps down from his position as Managing Director. His son, Dr Gunther Wobser, takes over his duties.

Natural refrigerants for LAUDA ECO cooling thermostats

In Europe, LAUDA introduces ECO refrigeration thermostats with natural coolants. With these, users can contribute to reducing the greenhouse effect in order to protect the climate.

New sales record

With a rise of almost 40 percent, LAUDA achieves a new sales record with turnover of around 53 million Euro.


LAUDA buys Spanish manufacturer of industrial circulation chillers

LAUDA buys the industrial circulation chiller business of American filter specialist Donaldson and continues the running of the production plant on the site in Terrassa, Spain. The number of employees reaches 350 and projected annual turnover is over 60 million Euro.


LAUDA founds subsidiary in Great Britain

In April this year LAUDA founds its eighth foreign subsidiary in Birmingahm, Great Britain. This is a further milestone in the company’s successful globalization strategy.


LAUDA added a new logistics center and production hall to its headquarters in Lauda-Königshofen.

"The new face of LAUDA": Step-by-step LAUDA has been making improvements to internal processes and renovating its building structure in order to be fit for the future. The inauguration of a modern logistic center and a new production hall for constant temperature equipment will take place in November.




LAUDA acquires American manufacturer of thermoelectric temperature control and establishes LAUDA-Noah.

LAUDA Italia

The constant temperature specialist LAUDA expands its international presence and establishes LAUDA Italia. The 100 percent owned subsidiary will enable the strong expansion of the business in this important european market.

Expansion of the management team

The world market leader for temperature control technology expands its management and has the Doctorate Engineer Dr. Marc Stricker Managing Director of LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG appointed.


LAUDA Scientific

As of 1 March 2015, the 100 percent owned subsidiary LAUDA Scientific concentrates on the development, sales and service activities for the LAUDA Measuring instruments.


60 years of LAUDA and introduction of the new LAUDA PRO

On March 1st, 2016, LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG in Lauda-Königshofen celebrated the company's 60 year existence. An additional highlight of the year is the launching of the new LAUDA PRO thermostat line - Bath and circulation thermostats optimized for each application.