Test stands

Simulation of temperatures and temperature profiles

On testing benches and rigs, temperatures and their profiles are simulated. Counting as typical fields of application, alongside engine, brake and valve testing benches, is the thermostating of solar test objects for securing constant temperature conditions. The spectrum is rounded off with the simulation of temperature conditions, environmental simulations and test chamber thermostating.

Over the course of numerous successful projects, LAUDA has gathered far-reaching experience in the area of testing benches and rigs. A tailored solution for every conceivable application can be developed using the comprehensive product portfolio of cooling and heating thermostats. We also have the matching devices to meet your requirements too. Simply get in touch with us.

Typical applications


Whenever the words testing benches and rigs are mentioned, it is often in relation to engines, brakes and valves. Alongside the thermostating of both solar test objects in order to safeguard constant temperature conditions and test chambers, environmental simulations are also one of the typical applications.