Temperature control in reactors

Generate high-quality reaction products with LAUDA

To produce high-quality reaction products, thermostats must safely control the course of the process in an external reactor. LAUDA always provides the perfect solution to your thermostating task - from small reactors in the lab, to 1,000-liter reactors on chemical and pharmaceutical production floors.

LAUDA has a wealth of experience in dynamic thermostating processes in reactors, gathered from numerous successful projects completed all over the world. The comprehensive product portfolio of cooling and heating thermostats provides the matching solution for every application. Of course, we will be happy to assist you when determining which devices you need to meet your requirements. Simply get in touch with us

Typical applications

Applications like chemical reactions, syntheses, the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients ((API), biotechnological upstream and downstream processes), polymerization, crystallization as well as the temperature control of bio-reactors for fermentation all take place during thermostating processes in reactors. Microreactors and single-use reactors are also used in this area.