Semiconductor industry

Thermostating to a T

In the production of semiconductors and when examining electronic parts, there are numerous processes which must be thermostated precisely. This includes, for example, metal-organic chemical vapor disposition (MOCVD) in semiconductor coating as a preliminary stage of LED production. The required chemicals can be found within a vessel in thermostats with whose help they can be kept at a constant temperature. Further typical temperature-dependent inspections for the semiconductor industry are stress tests for function and load, environmental simulations and in-circuit tests with electronic modules.

In the area of semiconductors, LAUDA has a wealth of project experience and knows the best ways to meet customer requirements. As such, LAUDA is able to supply both of the global market leaders in LED production facilities. The extensive product portfolio of cooling and heating thermostats is the perfect starting point to implement the optimal solution even for demanding applications. LAUDA also offers special designs for specific requirements, which are customized individually and flexibly to the application. Of course, we are happy to advise you when selecting suitable devices for your requirements. Simply get in touch with us.

Typical applications

In the area of semiconductors, typical applications include, among others, surface coating, the supply of cooling water circuits, stress tests and environmental simulations. In-circuit tests are also part of the application repertoire of semiconductors.