Quality control

Maintaining temperature and making targeted adjustments to it

Many processes in quality assurance necessitate the maintenance of a defined temperature or the targeted changing of the temperature in a set time. This is required when performing quality checks on fuels, oils and plastics and in the area of the foodstuffs industry for the beer-forcing test.

LAUDA has collected valuable experiences over the years in the area of quality control. In this regard, the comprehensive product portfolio of cooling and heating thermostats is the optimum starting point to develop the perfect solution for every application. We will be happy to assist you with our expertise when it comes to selecting suitable devices for your requirements. Simply get in touch with us.

Typical applications

The inspection of quality in particular is one of the deciding factors when it comes to having the competitive edge. For this reason, quality control is indispensable in regard to inspecting fuels, oils and plastics. Similarly, quality assurance is of equal importance with production processes.