Distillation systems

Tailored for process plant construction

The vacuum distillation in connection with thin-film evaporators or short-path evaporators is a particularly resource and environmentally-friendly thermal separating process. Typical applications are the separation of unwanted materials (e.g. with pharmaceutical pre-products), increasing concentration (for example of Omega 3 fatty acids in fish oils), color optimization (e.g. with plant extracts) as well as in the fractionation of material mixtures. With thin-film evaporators, the raw product on the inside of a pipe is heated from the outside until the components which boil more easily begin to evaporate. With simple thin-film evaporators, this condenser is positioned as close as possible to the evaporator; with short-path evaporators however, it is positioned inside the evaporator casing.

To heat and cool distillation systems using thin-film or short-path evaporators, LAUDA heating and cooling systems of the ITH and SUK series are used.

LAUDA solutions for this application