Plant engineering

Individual and according to exact customer needs

According to the principle of "modular engineering", process cooling systems, heat transfer systems, and secondary circuit systems are planned and built by LAUDA exactly according to the wishes of the clients: process-oriented, tailor-made, and precisely controlled, while meeting the strictest standards of safety. Within a temperature range of -150 to 400 °C, LAUDA systems heat and cool with an accuracy of up to one-tenth of a degree Celsius.

When it comes to systems construction, LAUDA has many years of experience, successfully completing numerous projects all over the world. With the comprehensive product portfolio of cooling and heating thermostats, the optimum solution can be made for every application. As your partner, we will be happy to advise you when determining the suitable devices for your requirements. Simply get in touch with us.

Typical applications


Again and again, among the typical applications in the area of systems construction we find: modular heating and cooling systems for the temperature control of reactors in the chemical and pharmaceuticals industry, in constructing distillation systems and when thermostating test rigs for component testing.